Environment and Development

We invest in the natural environment

Protected areas in Greece cover 1/3 of the terrestrial surface, a fact that highlights the rich biodiversity of our country.

But this fact also points to another dual perspective:

Nature, on the one hand, is the catalyst for green/sustainable development and on the other hand, conservation and natural environment management are necessary components for development and investment programs.

These dual perspectives require sound scientific foundations and high technical support. Investors and policy makers, both at a central and local administration level, need specialised, scientific and reliable support when undertaking environmental projects. This has led us to the establishment of OikoM Ltd.

Guided by our longstanding expertise and know-how, we aspire to be your partners that will support the environmental aspects of the design, the development, the implementation, as well as the evaluation of your investment and development plans.

Projects and Services

Environmental Management

The master pillar of OikoM’s work, which served consistently for years, are studies, projects, and programs for protection, conservation, and environmental management.


Nature Monitoring

Environmental impact assessment is an acknowledged vital tool for sustainable development, as it incorporates the environmental dimension from the early stage of project preparation.


Environmental Interpretation and Management

The aim of building Exhibitions for the promotion of nature, culture, and production is to highlight local identity, enhance extroversion, and contribute to preserving valuable elements of local heritage.


Sustainable development and entrepreneurship

Developing entrepreneurial activities under the prism of environmental and social sustainability and economic viability represents a new challenge in which protected areas are called to play a key role.