The aim of the project “Creation of an Environmental Awareness and Information Center in Ymittos” in two areas within the Forest of Ymittos belonging to the Municipality of Kaisariani is to enrich and upgrade environmental informing about the wider area of the Ymittos Aesthetic Forest and its ecological values, through the design and implementation of biodiversity display areas.

It is an area with special geographical and natural characteristics that can form the basis for the promotion of the local environmental identity, as well as a point of reference for education and recreation.

The aim of the Center is to create a pole of attraction for both the residents of the area and its visitors, which in a modern digital, interactive, multimedia and entertainment way will provide information, education and awareness about the environment to the general public and therefore will contribute significantly in environmental education and awareness.

In this direction, the Environmental Awareness and Information Center in the Forest of Ymittos is designed to:

  • Promote and highlight the ecological values of Ymittos in combination with the long-standing human presence in the area.
  • Contribute to highlighting the special cultural identity of Ymittos.
  • Promote the principles of environmental informing and awareness through highlighting the landscape, ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Inform and attract visitors of all ages and at the same time to raise their awareness and entertain them.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the tourist product and its connection with the place.
  • Be a place of dynamic informing.

The objects of the project include:

  1. Research, recording & museological documentation
  2. Design, organization and production of exhibition media
  3. Proposals for integrated interventions – provision and creation of appropriate configurations in the Awareness Center area

The project implementation is undertaken by the company association “OikoM Ltd. – TETRAGON SA”.