The Greek National Tourism Organization, under the third Community Support Framework 2000-2006 and the “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” Program – Ministry of Development, oversaw the restoration of the ” Petralia Mansion ” in Divri and the building of the old Primary School in Orini (region of Western Greece). The purpose of restoring the two buildings is to convert the first into an Environmental Information Center and the second into an Ecotourism Information Center.
OIKOM along with TETRAGON planned and implemented the permanent exhibition of the Culture and Environment Center of Divri at the Petralias Mansion, transforming it into a cultural space, where history, nature and the athletic – olympic ideal are showcased.
The objective of this project is to amend the uses of these establishments so they can promote natural and cultural heritage of the wider area. The project contributes towards this direction, through the design, organization, production and installation of an Environmental Interpretation System.
(The building in Divri was given as a donation to Lampeia  Municipality  by the family of former minister Fani Palli Petralia and her sister Titie Psilaki – Petralia, heirs of Epaminondas Petralias).



A. Environmental Information Center of  Divri
The thematic approach for the Environmental Information Center of Divri is based on the identification/ promotion of  the dipole Nature and Culture in the region, as well as on the scientific  presentation/ tribute to History, Sports and Olympic Spirit of the donors of the mansion, family Petralia.
The exhibition was enriched with historical material, documents and artifacts of the Petralia family, granted exclusively for use in that specific area.
B. Ecotourism Information Center of Orini
The thematic approach for the Ecotourism Information Center of Orini is based on the identification and promotion of interesting points of the area that stands out for their natural beauty and cultural value.