Special Environmental Studies and Management Plans for the Natura 2000 Sites of the Region of Crete - Ministry of Energy and the Environment

Study goal

The study concerns the Zoning System, Management Plans and Regulation for 28 Special Areas of Conservation and 26 Special Protection Areas of the Natura 2000 network in Crete. It is part of a wider plan by the Ministry of Energy and the Environment to create a National System of Protected Areas. The study results will be used by all competent authorities responsible for the protected areas (Management Bodies, Ministry of Energy and the Environment, Administrative Regions, Decentralized Administrations etc.). Moreover, they will be an important basis for spatial planning, programming and environmental licensing.

Goals of the Special Environmental Studies

  • The proposal for the characterization and zoning system of the protected areas.
  • The formulation and documentation of the appropriate restrictions on land use and activities.
  • The documentation of the feasibility of the protection measures.


Goals of the Management Plans

  • The elaboration of the Administrative and Operation Regulation for each protected area.
  • The setting of Conservation objectives and Management goals.
  • The specification of the necessary management activities to achieve these objectives and goals.
  • The determination of the monitoring requirements and evaluation of the management’s efficiency.
  • The development of a tool to promote cooperation between the Management Bodies and the relevant competent authoritiesand stakeholders within the protected area.

Also, part of the project is the preparation and implementation of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The project will be implemented in 4 phases and has a duration of 25 months



Phase A’: Preparatory work (Duration: 2 months) – Mostly related to cooperating with the Managing Service and Coordinator for the specification of individual issues.


Phase Β’: Elaboration of Special Environmental Studies (1st group) – Implementation of consultation actions (Duration: 10 months)

  1. Elaboration of Special Environmental Studies and Management Plans for the 1st group of areas included in the Regions of Heraklion, Lasithi and Rethymnon.
  2. Proposal  for the Natura 2000 network areas which will be included in each Presidential Decree.
  3. Organization and implementation of consultation, suggested by the Coordinator and agreed with the Managing Service.
  4. Recording of agency/public opinion expressed in the consultation upon issues related to the Special Environmental Studies and Management Plans and formulation of answers – suggestions.
  5. Supporting the Managing Service in case there is a need to publish a Ministerial Decision/Joint Ministerial Decision for pre-assurance and opinion (Environmental Terms Approval Decisions) with respect to the included measures.

Phase C’: Completion of the 1st group’s Special Environmental Studies – Elaboration of Special Environmental Studies (2nd group) / Implementation of consultation actions (Duration: 10 months)

Implementation of the complete set of tasks as presented in Phase B’, for the Region of Chania.

Phase D’: Completion of the 2nd group’s Special Environmental Studies – Final evaluation report (Duration: 3 months)