The Company with the name “OikoM Environmental Studies Ltd” and the distinctive title “OikoM EPE”, (hereinafter the “Company”) was founded in 2007 by a group of scientists with significant and many years of experience in the fields of protection, management and promotion of natural environment. The Company places particular emphasis and attention on the processing of personal data in full compliance with applicable legislation. Therefore, it collects and processes only the information that is necessary to achieve the purpose described below.


We may collect information about you from our corporate website, the company email and/or our profile on the professional social networking site LinkedIn,, freely given directly by you without any dependent provision or consideration whatsoever.

The Company may collect and use some or all of the following categories of personal data, if they have been transmitted by you in the above ways, for the purpose described below:

  • personal information such as name, age, gender and contact details,
  • your professional details, such as, for example, your specialty, your previous experience, etc.
  • details of your interactions with us, such as what kind of communication we made, the topics discussed, the knowledge and questions you had about our business, and any questions you made to us about the Company’s subject matter.
  • cookies, according to the usual practices of the internet, to improve the access and browsing of visitors to collect relevant information with this

We process this information to manage any existing or future relationship we may have with you, communicate with you, and provide information about your expertise and necessary information about our Company’s services.

The Company does not collect personal data from smartphone applications (such as Bluetooth Low Energy applications e.g. Boikom, Ovgoro, etc.). Anonymous app data may be collected only for app functionality purposes (e.g. crash reports).


The Company undertakes not to share your personal data with any third party, other than our partners who manage the Company’s electronic means and the security of the data and information transmitted through our above website.


The Company has already taken the appropriate technical and organizational security measures for the protection of your personal data per the applicable personal data protection and security laws. The Company also retains your personal data only for as long as a relationship with you exists or may exist in the future. In any case, we do not keep your data on file for more than one year after receiving it.


You can contact the Company to have access to the personal data we are processing concerning you as well as the correction of inaccurate data and completion of any incomplete data that may be deemed necessary. Subject to the terms and conditions of applicable law, you may object to the way we process personal data about you and request the deletion of personal data about you, restriction of processing of such data, and transfer of personal data to you or another data controller.

If you wish to exercise these rights or if you have any questions regarding this notice or would like the Company not to contact you again, please email us at  or call us at: +30 210-6107403.

This document was last updated on 12.10.2022.