Environmental Interpretation and Management

OikoM Ltd. has extensive experience in creating high-quality deliverables in the field of environmental interpretation.

The ability to design interventions in the natural environment (trail and signage design, outdoor interpretation systems), create exhibition spaces (museums, visitor centers), and produce supporting informational material (printed and digital) is part of an integrated regional development system tailored to specific requirements and local conditions.

In collaboration with a team of esteemed collaborators (museum professionals, architects, museum curators, graphic designers, photographers, museum educators), we design, organize, and install thematic reference spaces for the environment, culture, and production.

From the initial concept to implementation, one fundamental component remains constant: the creation of spaces that promote culture and creativity, showcase the natural and cultural landscape, and highlight local production as an integral element of each place’s economic, social, and cultural life.

Among the significant projects in this field are numerous Information Centers for Nature and protected areas, iconic Centers for showcasing production, local heritage, and history, as well as outdoor environmental interpretation spaces in various regions of the country.

Selected projects: