Nature Monitoring

With many years of experience, OikoM has prepared and coordinated a significant number of Environmental Impact Studies for a wide range of projects in both public and private sectors (renewable energy sources, tourism investments, hydraulic works, road projects, port facilities, etc.), whether in protected areas or not.

Among the significant projects in this field are major investment plans for which OikoM Ltd. took on the assessment of their feasibility, redesigning them (when necessary), supporting them with the Permitting Authority, and obtaining their final licensing.

A fundamental component of environmental permitting is the Special Ecological Assessment, which is conducted to examine the “appropriate assessment” of the impacts of a project within a Natura 2000 Network area (Article 6 of Directive 92/43/EEC).

Focusing on conservation objectives, it emphasizes the consequences of the project under licensing in relation to the integrity of the specific area. Fieldwork is required to collect data (avifauna, bats, habitat types, etc.) for its preparation.

Among the significant projects in this field are Special Ecological Assessments for a wide range of projects in protected areas, Special Areas of Conservation, and Special Protection Areas. Fieldwork is carried out by OikoM’s staff/specialist scientists or selected external collaborators from various specialties with whom the company maintains long-term cooperation.

Selected projects:

  • Environmental Management Plan, Study of active management of shrubby habitats and microdimensions and Birdwatching, in the framework of the environmental usage terms of Wind farms in Makrylakkoma nad Profitis Elias. DAMCO
  • Εvaluation of the installation of 8 Wind farms and their supporting infrastructure in South Evia, in the context of the Equator Principles (Natura 2000 areas GR2420001, GR2420012). ENEL S.A.
  • Action Plan – Environmental Impact for the installation of eight Wind farms of 167 MW in South Karystia- Ecological assessment regaring bird species, fauna and habitat types- Support during the licensing procedure. ENEL S.A.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for 35 Wind farms of 975.2 MW total capacity in Crete. Support the company in the process of environmental licensing of the project. WIND FARMS OF CRETE ELIKA SA.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Visima Wind farm (36 MW) in S. Florina – Scientific monitoring and recording of bird species. VENTAVEL S.A.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for a Hydroelectric production unit at Kalamas river (5,7 MW). Ichthyologic recording and drafting ichthyologic assessment. PPC RENEWABLES – TERNA ENERGY S.A.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for a Hydroelectric production unit of 10,245 MW (Municipalities of Axioupolis and Polykastro, Kilkis Prefecture)” – Assessment and evaluation of fish fauna in Axios river. CH. ROKAS S.A.
  • Environmental Study and Ecological Assessments for the construction of Wind farms in areas within the Natura 2000 Network (GR2420001, GR2420012) in S. Evia. TERNA ENERGY SA.
  • Ecological Assessment and avifauna Management Study of an SPA area (GR2540008) for a Wind farm installation of 55,2MW in Eastern Mani. DAMCO ENERGY AE
  • Monitoring and recording bat population in 8 Wind farms in S. Evia – Updating of the Social and Environmental Management Plan. ENEL AE.
  • Recording of breeding bird species (line transects) in installation areas of eight Wind farms in South Karystia – Monitoring and assessment of bird population (Bonelli’s Eagle and Bubo bubo) within an SPA area (GR2420012). ENEL SA.
  • Assessment of systems that track and prevent bird species collisions with the Wind farm at Vysima (S. Florina). VYSIMA VENTAVEL Ltd.
  • Assessment of detection systems that prevent bird collisions with Wind farms installations at Koukouli – Grivas (12 MW) N. Kozani. VOLTERRA SA.
  • Preliminary and Ornithological Assessment for the installation areas of 35 Wind farms in Crete – Scientific monitoring and recording of bird species. WIND FARMS ELIKA SA.
  • Ecological Assesment according to article 6.3 of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EU in areas of the Natura 2000 Network at Rodopi , for the construction of a Wind farm. DAMCO ENERGY SA.

the codes GRXXXXXXX refer to the Natura 2000 site codes