Quality policy

OIKOM Ltd. is active in preparing and supervising wide-ranging environmental studies, developing and implementing environmental programs and providing services in the knowledge field of the environment. The operation of the company is in line with the requirements of the modern market and the provision of high-quality services that cover the needs and satisfy the expectations of its customers. With the adoption of the international ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Standards, the company has organized and operates an integrated Quality & Environmental Management System, in which it has all the necessary means in terms of logistical infrastructure and human resources. At the same time, specific and measurable goals are determined on an annual basis, with the aim of their real achievement and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality & Environmental Management System.

The Management and People of the Company are aware of the commitments and support the adopted principles, jointly contributing to the achievement of the defined goals and meeting the expectations of its customers, which means:

  • High quality of Services provided.
  • Commitment to comply with the legislation related to the products and services it manages, as well as the way the Company operates.
  • Protection of the environment either as a central philosophy of the company’s products and services offered or in terms of its daily operation and production process.
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance and reduction of the Company’s environmental footprint.
  • Commitment to permanently ensure safety and health conditions for the company’s people and its external partners. Aim for “zero accidents”.
  • Management’s commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of products/services and related processes, and continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the Company’s operation.
  • Achieving objective and business quality goals (measurable), as well as environmental goals (measurable) that are set at the Management level, after each Review, and which indicatively include:
    • Business goals:
      • Increase in turnover.
      • Creation of new innovative services and products.
      • Consistency and scientific perfection in the delivery of physical objects.
      • Specialization of human resources.
      • Minimize the difference between budgeted and actual project time.
      • Better approximation of expected project costs.
    • Objective goals:
      • Increasing customer satisfaction.
      • Developing honest and long-term relationships with customers.
      • Reducing the number of non-compliances.
    • Environmental goals:
      • Provision of (existing and/or new) products/services with direct and/or indirect environmental benefits.
      • Promoting the principles of prevention, precaution and sustainability.
      • Promotion of recycling and the circular economy.
      • Reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources.
      • Avoiding the use of harmful substances and products (where possible).
      • Daily protection of the environment as a central philosophy of the Company.

The company’s people have the responsibility to respond, assimilate and apply the procedures required by the Quality & Environmental Management System through their daily activities and continuous training. It is the responsibility of the Management to ensure that this Quality, Safety & Environmental Policy is applied continuously, with the ultimate goal of the continuous and stable development of the business activity, the unwavering commitment to the principles and the offer of excellent and constantly improving quality products and services.

For the above objectives, the Company controls and empowers through the continuous education-training programs of its People, through the regular Reviews by the Management and through the Internal Inspections procedures, where the data of the Quality Files are statistically processed and the improvement actions are clearly defined.


OIKOM Ltd. is committed to integrated Health and Safety policies for its employees and external partners. In response to the current institutional and regulatory framework, it has co-signed and implemented the Code of Ethics of the EFCA (European Engineering Consultancies) adopted by HELLASCO (Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms).

Safety and quality require the allocation of resources, which, if not available, make it impossible to meet the standards we set as a company.

Our principle is “If it’s not safe, we don’t do it.”